Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Types of Armenians

- IF your rims cost more than your house
- If you wear Lofers
- If your welfare check is bigger than your car payments
- If You wear 4 or 5 stripe adidas or Badidas
- If you have one eyebrow
- If you think you're in some Armenian Mafia
- If you think everyone's name is "Ara"
- If your armpits smell like basterma
- if your beamer's liscense plate says Davo em apeh
- If you have an illegal cell phone from North Hollywood
- If what you're reading is on a stolen/bought or at good guys computer
- If you playa hate Beirutsis and Barskahyes

- if you have a special way of pronouncing R when speaking Armenian
- if your last name ends w/ "IAN"
- if you go to Shiraz regularly
- if your name or your cousin's is ARTIN or ARBI or NARBEH
- If your favirote word is "HEIR" (meaning why)
- If you CALL what you do Break Dancing
- If you pluck your eyebrows or shave your legs
- If you go to Ararat parties and call them Raves
- if you wear blue contacts
- if you go "bareeeeeeeeeeev, mamen baben inchbeseeeeeeeeeeeeeeen?"


- You go to Teen Dances every week
- You're in AYF
- if you always go "yallah"
- if you think that you're the best in everything
- if your name is panos, sako, george, puzant, garo, rita, sevag, jirayr, anto...or anything else as of that.
- if every sentence you say, you end with "AGA, SHAKHS, or LAN"
- YOU Become a mechanic in the future after being in law school
- if you have a computer just for Solitaire
- if you have more oil in your hair than you have in your car
- if you won't date a guy without a car or money
- if you're very very very tight with money $
- if your parents want you home before 6am
- if your parents are DEGENERATE gamblers
- if you call your Peachfuzz A Goatee
- if your dad owns a Panose's Bakery, haha
- If you work at Gap, Millers Outpost, or some "cool" store
- if you buy your clothes from abercrombie or you know , that kinda stuff
- if you have an ararad masis picture in your TV room
- if you have one of those William Saroyan posters
- if your dad thinks "oghi for life"
- if you have "dolma" on a weekly basis
- if you like giving only GOLD stuff as gifts

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