Friday, November 20, 2009

Contact Lenses

    This Dragon Eye contact lens is a full sclera covering contact lens that has a neon green and dark green outside that looks like the scales of a dragon or a lizard. The inside has a black cat eye type pupil with orange and black speckles like a dragon egg.
    If you want to buy the Dragon Eye contact lenses, they're not cheap. They're particularly not inexpensive because they are usually hand painted and they are full sclera contact lenses. If you've never used contact lenses, Dragon Eyes are probably not for you since getting a full scleral contact lens into your eye is very difficult.

    With Halloween fast approaching, everyone is scrambling to find a costume that will wow their friends and family. Contact lenses are a great way to change your look and make a costume even more believable.

    Looking for an extra sparkle in your eyes? Designer Anthony Mallier from India has created ‘Sparkle' contact lenses to make your eyes “Sparkle like they've never sparkled before.” Imagine having tiny Swarovski crystals beaming out of your eyes? Sounds insane but at the same time hot, the Swarovski crystals surrounds the edges of the lenses to create that “sparkle”.


    Keep your ball on the eye: German optician Stephanie Berndt shows off a soccer ball contact lens in Munich. The lens is paired with a German flag lens in a set that sells for $54.

Mickey Mouse contact lens.

    Nike MaxSight contact lenses are very functional, but also very weird. Each one is designed for a different sport; this one is red and is designed for cyclists to reduce the road glare from the sun.


 Cat Eye.



Creative Holders

    Not only functional, but also therapeutic, "The Ex" Knife Set and Holder is a five-piece knife set plus holder that makes for the perfect gift and a guaranteed conversation piece. Constructed with heavy-gauge durable stainless steel, each knife offers a razor-sharp precision cutting blade and a hollow, ergonomically designed for comfortable handle.

    Is desk clutter a pain in the ass? With the The Butt Station Desk Accessory Holder not only will the fun colors perk up your desk, butt this is one functional derrière. The Butt Station is a tape dispenser with cutter, pen and memo/card holder, and the magnetic rump holds paper clips! It’s bold enough to make a statement, but tasteful enough to keep the conversation going. The Butt Station is aperfect gift for students, graduates, or anyone with an office job and a sense of humor.

    Need someone to take your aggression out on and somewhere to keep that pesky pen? Then the Dead Fred Pen Holder is the man for you. Alleviate pent up aggression by repeatedly stabbing Fred through the heart; plus, your pen right at your fingertips.

    The Feel Good Razor Holder is a fun alternative to storage in your bathroom. Use the suction cup on the back to stick to most glossy, surfaces such as mirror, glass or tile and let him take charge of your disposable razor!

Creative Doorstops

    James the Doorman is the perfect gentleman that will hold the door open for you by wedging his foot under it. 

Black Bear Doorstop 

Right from Comic Books comes this fun Stop Doorstop to keep your entrances wide open and your home free from slamming doors. 

Stay classy with the Foot In The Door Doorstop 

Use a key to open your door and use a Giant Key Doorstop to keep it open. 



Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Crazy Frog - In the House

Bathroom Break in Swimmingpool

Three flies in a jar

There were three flies in a jar.

Two female and one male.

One of the female flies asks the male fly 

"Do you know a way to get out ?"

The male fly replies "Suck my dick and I'll tell you"

So she did and the male fly told her to fly up to the top 

of the jar and hit the lid real hard.

She did this and fell back down dead.

The second fly then asks the male fly 

"Please, you musk tell me how to get out !"

The male fly replies "Suck my dick and I'll tell you"

As she does the male fly inscructs her to fly up to the top 

of the jar and hit the lid two times real hard.

She did this and fell back down dead.

Want to know how the male fly got out ?

"Suck my dick and i'll tell you"

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Short Funny Jokes

Horny Toad
What's the difference between a toad and a horny toad? 
One says ribbit and the other says rubbit.

the alien and the puzzle
What did the alien say to the jigsaw puzzle?
''I come in peace and you come in peices!" 

why did the police officer stink? Because he was on duty!!!!

How did the Germans win the war against the Pollacks?
How did the Germans win the war against the Pollacks?
The Pollacks threw the hand grenade and the Germans pickeu it up, pulled the plug and threw it back!

Whats The Definition of a skeleton?
 A stripper that went too far!

you're so ugly
you're so ugly that when you were born your mom turned and lokked at your dad she said "i should have just gave you head"

Cherry Tree
How does an ellephant turn into  a cherry tree?
He paints his balls red.

Michael Jackson At Wal*Mart
Why did Michael Jackson run to Wal*Mart? Because Boys' pants were half off.

Types of Armenians

- IF your rims cost more than your house
- If you wear Lofers
- If your welfare check is bigger than your car payments
- If You wear 4 or 5 stripe adidas or Badidas
- If you have one eyebrow
- If you think you're in some Armenian Mafia
- If you think everyone's name is "Ara"
- If your armpits smell like basterma
- if your beamer's liscense plate says Davo em apeh
- If you have an illegal cell phone from North Hollywood
- If what you're reading is on a stolen/bought or at good guys computer
- If you playa hate Beirutsis and Barskahyes

- if you have a special way of pronouncing R when speaking Armenian
- if your last name ends w/ "IAN"
- if you go to Shiraz regularly
- if your name or your cousin's is ARTIN or ARBI or NARBEH
- If your favirote word is "HEIR" (meaning why)
- If you CALL what you do Break Dancing
- If you pluck your eyebrows or shave your legs
- If you go to Ararat parties and call them Raves
- if you wear blue contacts
- if you go "bareeeeeeeeeeev, mamen baben inchbeseeeeeeeeeeeeeeen?"


- You go to Teen Dances every week
- You're in AYF
- if you always go "yallah"
- if you think that you're the best in everything
- if your name is panos, sako, george, puzant, garo, rita, sevag, jirayr, anto...or anything else as of that.
- if every sentence you say, you end with "AGA, SHAKHS, or LAN"
- YOU Become a mechanic in the future after being in law school
- if you have a computer just for Solitaire
- if you have more oil in your hair than you have in your car
- if you won't date a guy without a car or money
- if you're very very very tight with money $
- if your parents want you home before 6am
- if your parents are DEGENERATE gamblers
- if you call your Peachfuzz A Goatee
- if your dad owns a Panose's Bakery, haha
- If you work at Gap, Millers Outpost, or some "cool" store
- if you buy your clothes from abercrombie or you know , that kinda stuff
- if you have an ararad masis picture in your TV room
- if you have one of those William Saroyan posters
- if your dad thinks "oghi for life"
- if you have "dolma" on a weekly basis
- if you like giving only GOLD stuff as gifts

Funny Old People Joke

There was a man and a woman in an old folks home. The man says to the woman, I bet you can't guess what age I am. The woman says I'll give it ago, but first pull down your pants, the man pulls down his , then the woman says pull down your underpants, so the man does. The she taps around down there :D and she says your 97. The man asks, how do you know that? The woman answers, because you told me yesterday

The Elevator

A redneck family goes to the mall. They have no idea of the city. The father sees an elevator. He and his family are fascinated, so they watch as an old lady goes up to the elevator,, pushes the button and walks inside. Thirty seconds later, a yung beautiful blond lady comes out. The father says, "I'm going back home and getting Grandma."

Ballon Family

Mummy bollon daddy bollon and kiddie bollon, Kiddie bollon cant sleep so he goesin to his mum and dads room, he trys to fit in the middle of them, He can not fit in so he lets a bit of air out of his mum still cant fit in so he lets a bit of air out of his dad and he still can not fit in so he lets a bit of air out of his self and fits in he sleeps throughthe night and then in the morning the dad feels for his mum and feels the sun so at breckfast the dad says to the kid " dont do that to us again because you let me down you let your mom down and also, you let yourself down " .

Monday, November 2, 2009





Funny Caricatures of Celebrities

Tom Cruise arrives at a movie premiere.

Nicolas Cage somewhere in Manhattan.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Will Smith teasing Alfonso Ribeiro, his cousin in
the famous Fresh Prince of Bel Air sitcom.

 Antonio Banderas is seen here dressed up as Zorro

Conan O'Brienone of his wild expressions.

Cosmo Kramer

Elvis Presley doing an impersonation of himself.

Paris Hilton posing whit her dog.

Matt Damon avoids a few stray bullets.

His Royal Highness, Prince Charles.

Tom Hanks in a bizzare, almost surreal encounter with
a ladybug that happens to share his facial features.

Joaquin Phoenix's portrait immortalized as a Roman caesar.

Funny Caricatures - Celebrity bloopers here

Just Fun Pictures

Comercial tank , do you need advertisement????

Great ceiling off the room, I just wondering how is deep this hole....
It`s anybody home????

Shadows Pictures



3D Wallpaper