Monday, November 2, 2009

Funny Caricatures of Celebrities

Tom Cruise arrives at a movie premiere.

Nicolas Cage somewhere in Manhattan.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Will Smith teasing Alfonso Ribeiro, his cousin in
the famous Fresh Prince of Bel Air sitcom.

 Antonio Banderas is seen here dressed up as Zorro

Conan O'Brienone of his wild expressions.

Cosmo Kramer

Elvis Presley doing an impersonation of himself.

Paris Hilton posing whit her dog.

Matt Damon avoids a few stray bullets.

His Royal Highness, Prince Charles.

Tom Hanks in a bizzare, almost surreal encounter with
a ladybug that happens to share his facial features.

Joaquin Phoenix's portrait immortalized as a Roman caesar.

Funny Caricatures - Celebrity bloopers here

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