Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Silvio Berlusconi

  "Kavaljer (a nickname for Berlusconi) will from now on each month to write a check for 300,000 euros" 53-year-old Veronica Lario, and it ensures that while he was alive, it can use Makerio magnificent mansion, on the outskirts of Milan, wrote newspaper "Republika" in its online edition.
 Berlusconi and Lario, accompanied by a lawyer, came to the agreement on Saturday before Judge Gloria Servet which managed to bring initially very opposed views of the spouses.
 According to Italian press, Veronica Lario initially sought ownership of the villa, and a monthly Makerio appanage of 3.5 million.

 Veronica Lario Berlusconi, which was to be 30 years of marriage, and who is married to 19 years after his first divorce, the divorce suit was launched in May last year.
 She then explained in a letter to newspapers that "can not stay and live with a man who is hanging out with minors."
 The media have extensively reported last year that the Berlusconi was to celebrate the birthday of 18-year Noemi Letizia.

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