Sunday, January 31, 2010

Johnny Depp visit Serbia

   The renowned American actor Johnny Depp arrives in Mokra Gora  where he will be a promoter of the 3rd International Kustendorf Film Festival in the following three days. With his host Emir Kusturica, he will spend the New Year’s Eve according to the Julian calendar with rakija, wine and roast lamb.

   As Emir Kusturica confirmed, Johnny Depp will arrive in a private plane at “Nikola Tesla” airport in Belgrade. Depending on the weather conditions, he will continue his way to Mokra Gora either by helicopter or jeep.
   “Johnny, my great friend, is coming straight from his hometown Kentucky where he was visiting his mother. He will be my guest for three days in Mecavnik, he will lead several workshops for the participants of the festival, drink wine, watch films and visit some locations where he will shoot a film about Pancho Villa,” says the well-known Serbian director to “Blic”.
   At the festival opening, a life-sized bust of Johnny Depp will be unveiled in his honor. Monument to the actor will be set up in Ive Andrica Street in Drvengrad near the entrance to the confectionery “Kod Corkana” and the ceremony will be followed by glamorous fireworks.
   “Depp did not have any special demands at all about his stay, I will host him, as well as seven people from his team in my house,” Kusturica adds.
   Instead of fanfara sounds to which he got used to during the walks on red carpets in Hollywood, Johnny Depp will be surrounded by Mokra Gora mountains and will listen to the sounds of trumpets in Drvengrad. One of the members of the board which is organizing his welcome is the Dragacevo champion Dejan Petrovic and his orchestra.
   “The concert will start with unveiling of the monument and will last for two to three hours. We will play songs of the famous musicians, such as Sting, Tina Turner, film music, Serbian songs, kolo and cocek. We will be proud to play for another great name, after Maradona and Nikita Mikhalkov,” says Dejan Petrovic.
The guest of Mecavnik will have an opportunity to attend the celebration taking place in the night between January 13 and 14- the New Year according to the Julian calendar will be celebrated with lamb meat, mulled wine and rakija.


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